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Мы работаем конкретно с каждым хозяйством и все добавки и корма балансируем по биохимическим показателям крови, физиологическому состоянию животных, а так же исходя из кормовой базы каждого конкретного сельхозпроизводителя.

Натуральные высококачественные продукты, современные технологии дозированного ввода привели к тому, что наша продукция абсолютно конкурентоспособна с импортными аналогами, но более привлекательна по цене.

Наши корма и добавки стимулируют рост, обеспечивают более полную усваиваемость витаминов и макро-микро-элементов и в итоге делать корма, предлагаемые животным, максимально сбалансированными.

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Chad M. Simmons

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    Diego 26/05/2018 - 05:58 Diego

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    The announcement came just three days after a powerful Senate banking committee heard from experts who said that metals warehouses owned by Wall Street and other commodities traders were distorting markets and even driving up the cost of aluminum cans for beer and soda. Some said allowing them to trade in physical markets was a risk to the financial system.
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    http://brieftrustee.com/blog/natural-viagra-recipe-2a5b.pdf#sensible natural viagra recipe When an economist with a four-cup-a-day coffee habit became pregnant, she was not going to surrender her caffeine without seeing solid evidence that it would put her unborn baby at risk. But what began as an attempt to cling on to her mug became a dive into all of the myths, advice and contradictory claims of doctors, friends and baby books.

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    Arlie 26/05/2018 - 05:58 Arlie

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    Marlin saved itself by facing a truth that few threatened manufacturers can stomach: It was failing because it had gotten everything wrong. It had the wrong customers; it had the wrong products; it had the wrong prices. Greenblatt realized--just in time--that even wire baskets could be innovative. The simplicity of Marlin's technology is not what we typically associate with innovation--there's no algorithm, no microchip, no touch screen. Instead, Marlin learned how its products could help its customers, providing the quiet innovation that can give a fellow U.S. factory a critical edge and help keep jobs in the United States.
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    Alonso 26/05/2018 - 05:58 Alonso

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    Local media reports suggest about 40 MPs were taking homenothing at the end of every month after loan repaymentdeductions from their salaries while another 50 were receivingless than one million Ugandan shillings.

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    Theodore 26/05/2018 - 05:58 Theodore

    very best job http://safestageservices.com/raghealthcarecom-9990.pdf sm-supplements.gr At street level, the city says it will further improve Pershing Square into a plaza like those in Times Square. And Vanderbilt Ave., on the west side of Grand Central, would be closed to car traffic.
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    Ricardo 26/05/2018 - 05:58 Ricardo

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    You are an idiot if you think taking the short view does anything for anyone in the long run. What got us where we are, economically speaking, is short fixes and short gains for EVERYTHING by too many and far too often. Not so strangely, what resulted from that same shortsightedness is everything needing more fixing more often and sucking up more money each time.
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    Darrel 26/05/2018 - 05:58 Darrel

    I've got a full-time job http://twistedautomotive.com/ibuprofen-400-mg-tab-leg-a35f.pdf does ibuprofen stop menstrual flow The survey of more than 1,700 people found that 61 per cent believed teachers’ pay should be based on the “quality of their performance as determined by an annual appraisal”.
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    Once considered an up-and-coming star after turns in movies like 1999’s “American Pie” and 2002’s “Van Wilder,” the 37-year-old actress has had a rough patch in recent years. The Jaws-size success of “Sharknado,” however, turned the blond bombshell into a trending topic.
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    According to the documents, which Reuters has seen, threehighly qualified engineers who were or had been employed by theagency said the design of the bridge was unproven and tooambitious. But the agency disagreed with most of them. It tookthe view that the contractor was raising problems with thedesign to excuse its failures and inflate costs, the documentsshow.
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    So say the oddballs at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, who are exhibiting a roster of bizarre baseball memorabilia at Times Square — including a lock of Ted Williams’ hair and the stocking Marilyn Monroe purportedly wore for Joe DiMaggio on their wedding night in 1954.
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